Your comments

No. I could not do it.. If you simply copy the save file to a folder, it is then not visible in the save list in the game. I think that in addition you write something in some other file.
I created the game again on the map "Hollow (Sandbox)" and built a giant Vault. Saves the game. When you try to load  savegame-file, the game crashed.

You have a screenshot from My Pet Dungeon mode. Try a sandbox map - for example, "Hollow (Sandbox)".

Skirmish maps also untranslated.

The translation is only present on My pet Dungeon maps.

I just checked the cache.

With the Russian official translation (without specifying community translation) on the map "Hollow (Sandbox)" there is no translation of the neutral owner.

Haha. The problem can be observed if you use God mode on Sanbox & Scenarios maps (not My Pet Dungeon).
I watched on the map "Hollow (Sandbox)".

I really use the community translation.
BUT!!! I just switched to the official unsupported Russian translation. And this field has not been translated!

Is it such a difficult problem that you decided not to correct it?