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Hi Alex

Could you plesae upload your savefile ( ).
That would help the dev's to figure out whats going wrong there

Biervampir (QA Volunteer )

Please try to get the output log from the clients and hosts.
Thanks for the report, highly appreachiated

Tested it in 2.0.3

Client cant see the infernal urn attack VFX

Tested it in 2.0.3

Client cant see the Banshee summoning animation

Would be interessting to know, what his specs are.
For me it sounds like his CPU has problems handling the pathing progress

I'm heavily against this.

About reenforcing walls, that's actually a very good thing for turtling. It makes a great tool for Sloth Wrath Hybrid builds.

About research speed boost, it gives you a sin 10seconds earlier (I have tested that in many times in various orders).

It's also very accessable, so why the fuck not having it as well as a tool to reenforce walls

I were able to reproduce it in MPD Custom
It seems only the slaughter pen is beeing effected by that (as far as I noticed)

output_log - Kopie.txt

MPD Campaign:

@qqqbbb what keyboard are you using?

German, English, Japanese,...

That's the bug I told you about, when I visit you.

Still back at home I have the same issue with some hotkeys.

I can enter them, but can't use ingame.

Our guess were the QWER Keyboard