OS X Cannot Start Campaign (v1.5.0-1.6.3f1) [Fixed]

Issue Description

When attempting to start the first level of the campaign the screen goes black and a sound of wind can be heard. (OS X Only)


The cinematic videos are unable to play, root cause unknown, we believe that a recent Unity update combined with a recent OS X update has made some OS X systems incompatible with the videos which are played in the game.

Current Status

Update 07-09-2017: This issue should now be resolved as of v1.6.3f1, if you have any further issues please log a ticket.

We are currently investigating this issue but we believe that it will be resolved by an upcoming Unity update (v5.6) which will introduce video capabilities to the Unity Engine and allow us to replace our existing video plugin with official support.

We are unlikely to resolve this issue completely before our team returns from Christmas leave but in the meantime we have introduced an option for a workaround.

Update 29-05-2017: We're currently working on integrating Unity 5.6 into WFTO but it has taken longer than expected due to a number of roadblocks. We're working with third parties to roll out this update as soon as possible and we hope to have a resolution within the next month. We apologise for the ongoing inconvenience to our OS X Users and thank you for your continued patience.


We have implemented an option to skip the video cutscenes, affected users report this corrects the issue.

  1. Open the options menu
  2. On the visual tab click "Skip cinematics"

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