OS X Crash on Startup (v1.4.0-1.4.2f8) [Fixed]

Known Issue: OS X Crash on Startup from v1.4.0 onwards

We have received reports that a startup crash is affecting some users on the OS X operating system. Upon attempting the launch the game the user will witness any number of events either strange GFX artifacting, a black screen or a straight crash. All these issues are related to this thread.

This issue is caused by an error in the underlying Unity Engine and an as yet unidentified hardware interaction on the user side. At least a dozen OS X users are known to have been affected but not all OS X users will be affected.

This issue is present in the current Unity Version that WFTO is operating on and has been present in all Unity versions used since Patch 1.4 was released.

Current Status: Fixed (1.4.2f8)

We have received reports that this issue is now resolved as of Patch 1.4.2f8.

Potential Workaround

It has been noted by affected users that unplugging their secondary monitor may cause the game to launch as normal, however this does not fix the problem for all users.

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