Startup Crashes

We've become aware of a few common issues for a small subset of Hardware and Software configurations that are preventing War for the Overworld from launching correctly. The work-around's below are known to prevent these common crashes if you're suffering from them.

Case 1: The game is crashing before the WFTO Logo splash appears

This issue occurs when the automatic installation of the .NET framework failed. This software is necessary for WFTO to launch and if the installation failed you may find that you do not have the correct version of this framework.

To solve try manually installing the correct .NET framework from the Microsoft website using their offline installer.

Case 2: The game crashes on launch, after the splash screen

This has been known to occur when certain wireless headset drivers are running, you may also experience this issue in other unity based games. To test and potentially solve follow this troubleshooting process:

  1. Unplug your Wireless USB Headset/Headphones
  2. If the game now starts, make sure your headphones are set as the main audio device via windows playback devices and try again
  3. If your game still crashes try the workaround in this post[]

Case 3: Black Screen after WFTO Splash

Believed to be caused by an unknown driver incompatibility when runnning on latest Windows OS. This has only affected one person to date but please let us know if you are affected.

  1. Navigate to your WFTO Steam Folder
  2. Right click WFTO.exe and open properties
  3. Open the compatibility tab and set the compatibility mode to Windows 7
  4. Do the same for WFTOGame.exe

Case 4: AVG Anti-Virus false positive (Should be fixed in latest versions of AVG)

AVG Antivirus has a heuristic algorithm that detects WFTO as malicious, this is a false positive that to our knowledge only presents on AVG. If AVG is running you may find that your WFTO fails to launch or crashes on start-up.

  1. Disable your Antivirus to see if WFTO now runs
  2. If so then add an exception for WFTO and it's folder contents in the steam library

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