Feedback on the Undergames

Richard Wood 6 months ago in General Feedback • updated by Ryan Cosford 4 months ago 8

It's just downright irritating and borderline impossible to complete on master (and there's no point playing it on easy as you don't unlock the achievements)

I've been playing for hours since it was released and I've managed to complete 1 level and that was a 5 hour grind. 

It doesn't help that it's set up to cheat, the AI starting with levelled up units. 

I've logged over 1600 hours on WTFO and this is the first time I've turned it off in disgust over an official release. I really regret buying the expansion now.

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Hey Richard, 

I'm sorry to hear that you're not enjoying the undergames. 

First of all the AI does not cheat, it is limited to the exact same restrictions you are. You can prove this if you'd like by pressing Scroll Lock, entering 'GreatStuff' then pressing F4 followed by F7. This will allow you to see the entire map and watch what the AI is doing to produce such high level units. 

The master AI is faster, more efficient and more knowledgeable that most players can hope to be. It has been built as an ultimate challenge for the player. We do not expect players to be able to launch the game and beat it without putting effort into understanding what it's doing. 

I would recommend to anyone playing that they stay away from master until they can handily beat medium and hard. 

I will verify the complaint about achievements. As far as I know you should be able to get achievements on the medium and hard difficulties. I will check and get back to you. 

nice tip on the reveal map, should be interesting to watch, there's no organic way to produce levelled up units that fast. might be there are a load hidden on the map i'll watch it and see.

Completely understand your point about you shouldn't be able to log in and walk everything but I'm hardly a noob to DK / WTFO so it shouldn't be that overpowered that it slaughters me over and over.

Been chatting on the forum with some of the other players and picked up a few ideas to work around it like running at low speed.

Some achievements are done regardless some are specific to 'complete this stage on master'

thanks Rich


As an extension of the fact that you shouldn't be able to login and stomp the AI, is that you should have to work for some achievements.

Have a look at the AI and you will see that you're missing some tricks to get strong units quickly

Just tried the reveal map you suggetsed and I couldn't get it to work, the console shows *require password. Any ideas?

You need to first enter the password I gave you "GreatStuff"

got it sorry I wasn't putting in the second capital letter on Stuff

I'm sorry i appreciate the help but it is totally impossible. I've supported this game since the beta but i'm done. 

I've been at it for 3 days solid, dozens of attempts.

Utterly impossible. and yes it does cheat I watched it insta spawning defences over and over.

goodbye best of luck with WTFO in the future but I won't be playing it.

i completed undergames with volta on medium setting, want to try the other underlords first before attempting master...sounds like its challenging.

a challenge worthy of an underlord