Worker pathing causing performance issues

Rudolph Reindeer 4 days ago 0

Hello! Did a search but didn't find anything related to it so thought I'd post this just in case.

For instance if you have a locked door with vision on a downed minion(friend, or foe if you have a prison), body(if you have a graveyard), artifact(if you have a library) or similar, it seems the game will cycle through all available workers every 5-10 seconds trying to find a valid path to the object in question. Unless you unlock the door to allow a worker to clear it, this will continue happening until the body decays completely. Can this timer be increased, or set to fail after X-worker-attempts(So it doesn't cycle through all of them)? Since if you have a large amount of workers and lets say 4-5 downed enemies, it becomes unplayable. Not because FPS in itself tanks, but an extreme amount of micro-lag.

Game Version:
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