object reference not set to an instance or object error while loading an save

Richard Splinter 2 months ago • updated by Nanorock 1 month ago 7 1 duplicate


Im getting consistently an error while loading this supplied save, wich is from level2 of the Heart of Gold expansion. The error is "Object reference not set to an instance or object"


When I use an earlier save, it works like this one:

dlc1_campaign_level2_name_20180121234941 dlc1_campaign_level2_name_20180121234941.meta

but the problem is, when I play from that point, and save again, that save will also produce the same error. I tried different approaches to determine what causes the error, I dont have anything in my hand. I just killed that named Crackpot.  But in the end it still produces the same error.



no crash log found.

running this on Windows10, i5 4570, 8 Gb ram, wd blue 1 Tb HD, MSI gtx 970 4 Gb



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Hey Mateusz,

Thanks for the report, we will look for the root cause and keep you posted on our progress

Under Review

Hi Richard,

Thanks for reporting this to us, I'll move this report to the bug tracker for our QA analyst to review.



Pending Customer

Hey Richard,

I've loaded the first file and can confirm that there is a corrupt block in the file that is preventing load. This file is unfortunately unrecoverable. I'm not able to replicate this issue unfortunately. Can you talk me through exactly what you're doing before you made the second save?


Okay I think I found the problem, it has to do with the Artefacts. If you load the working save in my first post, you see I still have one Artefact ready to be activated. If you activate that artefact, and then save it, that save will produce the error,

the weird thing is that I cant remember when I received that artefact, I didnt have claimed that much shrines in that part of the game.




Cheers for the detailed repro, sounds like it should be a simple fix

edit: nevermind just activated an artefact from a shrine I claimed, and it still gave the error. so it can be any artefact to deliver the error. Im going to restart the mission, see if its reproducable from that.