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Nailu 1 week ago • updated by Cian Noonan (QA Analyst) 3 days ago 5

Hi, we have got serious problems with multiplayer game. One of the players cant mine gold and also dirt. The imps are going throw walls. Its unplayble. We bouhgt this game with my husband because of multiplayer game. The sad thing is, that we have got same problems sometimes in single game too. Can you please correct the bugs or give us money back, because now the game is useless. 

Thank you

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Hey Nailu,

I'm sorry to hear that you cannot play the game. Could I get you to upload the output_log.txt's from the computers which are having trouble with the game. You can find the log at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\War For The Overworld\WFTOGame_Data\output_log.txt 

I recommend that the person who cannot mine tiles follows our Unable to click game objects / tag tiles guide, that should fix the issue.

Please do the above and get back to us.

Nailu via email 1 week ago
Hi, thank you for your response. I'm sending you the txt document. 

The problem with mining: 
I can click on tile, it changes color, but when imps come to work on it, they don't mine and start going through the selected tiles. The other player can see the walls disappear. We're playing on LAN, and both systems have both TCP and UDP unlocked for the two ports.

Gold shrine problem:
One of the players can mine, the other can not. You can claim the shrine, you can click on it, it looks active, but imps refuse to go work there and you cant mine new money (this happened on a community map, Co-op Citadel - two gold shrines right next to the hearts). This problems occurs even in single-player.

Have a nice day


Could I please get the log from "General Chaos"? 

Could you also post the system specs of both machines you are trying to play on?

Nailu via email 1 week ago
Hi, here is the General Chaos log and also the machines specs.

Have a nice day
Nailu and General Chaos

Chaos specs.txt

Have you tried fully reinstalling the game? There is nothing in the logs that point at a cause of this issue.

Please reinstall the game on both machines and the record a short video of the issues