Torture chamber subtitle correction

Webbernever1 3 months ago • updated by Cian Noonan (QA Analyst) 2 months ago 8

Just a small thing: during a multiplayer game, if one of your units are converted in an enemy torture chamber And you receive the notification therefor, it says, 'Your {0} has been converted in an enemy Torture Chamber'.

This is very easy to replicate, albeit the message does not display every time.

Screenshot below:

Game Version:
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reproduced it with him.
It only happens when RR says a specias has been converted.


Whoops we will get this sorted

Looks like we dont transmit the name of the unit tortured

If I remember correctly, the narrator simply says 'minion' rather than the name/type of unit. At least, I believe that this was the case when I reproduced the message with Bohser. I may be mistaken though.

Thats the default so it should do that

Completed - Next Patch